The #1 AI tool to track & clone viral TikTok/Instagram trends and explode your OnlyFans subs fast


Sit back, trust the power of our algorithm, and watch your OnlyFans skyrocket


Whether you are an agency, a manager or a model on OnlyFans…


You know that TikToks and Reels are one of the best ways to get more OnlyFans Subs.


But you have probably experienced some of these scenarios:

     You wanted to catch a trend but arrived too late
     ▸ You have run out of content ideas for your TikToks and Reels
     ▸ Your content has not gone as viral as you had hoped
     ▸ You spend hours looking for content ideas by hand
     ▸ You have had your account banned because for inappropriate content


But that’s all in the past, thanks to…

Subs Booster: Copy the most popular daily TikTok/Reels trends and boost your OnlyFans

Copy, paste and buzz


No need anymore to rack your brains or look for inspiration when making your TikToks and Reels. Thanks to Subs Booster, you will be guided from A to Z for your posts. All you have to do is copy and paste today's trending videos... and watch your posts go viral!

Get millions of views easily


Subs Booster is for everyone. You don't have to be popular, you don't have to look like Kim Kardashian, and you certainly don't have to do complicated TikToks and Reels. The only thing you need to do with Subs Booster is copy the day’s trends. By doing this, your TikToks and Reels will go viral. And thanks to this virality, you will easily rack up millions of views!

Get up to 2x more subs every day


With the millions of views you will make thanks to Subs Booster... you will have a wave of new visitors discovering your account every day. And you will be able to turn them into new subs for your OnlyFans account!

See today's trends at a glance


Don't waste any more time scrolling through TikTok and Instagram in the hope of discovering viral content... only to come across TikToks and Reels that are no longer trending. Every day, find on Subs Booster the hottest videos that increase your chances of buzzing by 67%.

Go viral without getting banned


At Subs Booster, we take ban risk very seriously. That's why we offer different types of trends, depending on the risks you wish to assume.

100% automated and updated daily


Subs Booster is an AI-based, fully automated tool. Trends are updated daily. So, every TikTok and Reel you make using Subs Booster is optimized to go viral.

How it works

Step 1: Scan posts

Our artificial intelligence scans data from all TikToks and Reels in real time... and matches the content consumed by OnlyFans subs.

Step 2: Trend analysis

Subs Booster then analyzes all the scanned data... to determine which content is the trendiest and most likely to generate buzz.

Step 3: Go viral and get new subs!

All you need to do is copy today's trending videos and get millions of views on your next posts!

Once you have gone viral, your new followers will start browsing your profile… And some of them will end up subscribing to your OnlyFans account!

Why choose Subs Booster? 

Without Subs Booster

❌ Hours lost looking for trends by hand

❌ Few new people discover you

❌ Always too late to catch a trend

❌ Lack of content inspiration

❌ Stagnation of your social media

❌ Ban on TikTok and Instagram

❌ Thousands of views per week

With Subs Booster

✅ Full access to the best daily trends

✅ New subs every day to your OnlyFans

✅ Always the perfect timing to go viral

✅ Dozens of TikToks per day to copy

✅ Daily growth of your social media

✅ TikTok algorithm works for you

✅ Millions of views per week

Try Subs Booster for FREE!

The price of Subs Booster is currently $49 per month.


But today, we have decided to offer you a 7-day free trial.


So you can see the power of Subs Booster with your own eyes before investing any dollar.


Now we have one last question for you:


Are you ready to go viral on TikTok, Instagram and boost your OnlyFans subs?


So click on the button below now to get your hands on Subs Booster for FREE!

Still have questions?
We have the answers

How does the free trial work? 


When you click on the button, you will be redirected to a checkout page.

Once you have entered your payment information on this page, you will get access to your 7-day free trial (at the moment, you don't pay anything).


During these 7 days, you will have access to all Subs Booster features free of charge.

Only after these seven days will you be automatically billed $49 per month.


And if you want to end your subscription without paying anything, you only have to email [email protected] before the end of your trial.

I don't look like Kim Kardashian or Blac Chyna… Is Subs Booster for me?


You don't have to look like anyone.

With Subs Booster, it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like… You can go viral on TikTok and Instagram!

All you have to do is copy the trending videos of the day.

What if there is a complicated trend that I can't reproduce?


All the trends we offer on Subs Booster are doable by anyone.

Our AI selects only the trendiest AND easiest-to-make videos. 

I don't have many followers on TikTok and Instagram. Will I still go viral?


That's the beauty of TikTok and Reels.

Thanks to this format, anyone can go viral overnight, racking up millions of views and thousands of followers… all thanks to a single video!

If everyone uses Subs Booster, then it won't work anymore?


We calculated that at 50,000 members or more, Subs Booster would begin to lose its effectiveness.

That's why, for safety, we decided to limit the number of places to 30,000.

Will I be banned on TikTok and Instagram?


Some OnlyFans value their accounts and don't want to take any risks.

On the other hand, other creators say that a ban is part of the game… and agree to recreate new accounts if a ban occurs.

That's why we have created several categories depending on the risk you are willing to take.

Why go through Subs Booster instead of doing it myself?


You could try doing the trend research yourself. But that would take several hours every day. What's more, you run the risk of stumbling across outdated trends or failing to find any at all.

By using Subs Booster, you benefit from a 100% automated, AI-based tool. Trends are updated in real-time, so they are never out of date.

I'm a model / marketer / agency / manager. Will Subs Booster work for me?


Whatever your role, if you are trying to make your TikToks and Reels go viral to boost your OnlyFans account… then yes, Subs Booster will work for you!


The only condition for Subs Booster to work for you is to have a TikTok, an Instagram, and an OnlyFans account!

Does Subs Booster work only for OnlyFans?


Subs Booster works for all content creators, whatever platform they use (Fansly, MYM, Fanvue…).

Do I have to give you access to my TikTok and Instagram accounts?


No, because to use Subs Booster, you only have to enter your e-mail address. That's it.


We will never have access to your TikTok or Instagram accounts.

Will my subscribers, friends and competitors know that I have used this service?


Subs Booster is 100% discreet.

No one will know that you are using or have used our services.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?


Yes, Subs Booster is non-binding.

Which means you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Just send an email to [email protected], and we will cancel your subscription within 24 hours.

Who exactly are you?


We are a 5-person team specializing in TikTok and Instagram growth for over 3 years.

We have worked with numerous OnlyFans models and agencies to increase subs to their OnlyFans accounts.

How can I contact you?


You can contact us every day at the following [email protected]

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